Paul Kingery

Ph.D., M.P.H, M.H.Ed., M.Af.S.

Dr. Paul Kingery grew up in Oregon USA. He comes from a strong Christian family and attended Bible College in Florida.

In his early twenties, God called Dr. Paul to Africa to work amongst the Zulu tribes. After this time, he then returned to America where he completed 3 masters’ degrees in ‘Care for the Basic Needs of People In Developing Countries’. He also earned a doctoral degree and became a University Dean. During this time Dr. Paul again asked the Lord if he could serve in foreign fields. This time the Lord sent him to Iraq.

Dr. Paul has now been living in Iraq for 10 years. During this time he has been a lecturer and an advisor to the government.

Nearly 4 years ago Dr. Paul felt the Lord call him to a small Christian village called Seje, a few miles outside the city of Dohuk. This was a very dangerous time in Iraq as ISIS were at the height of their invasion, but as everyone else was fleeing the country, Dr. Paul stayed.

Within weeks of him arriving to live in Seje, the displaced Yezidi people started arriving over the mountains.

Dr. Paul is the Director of MedEast. He holds a PhD in Community Health from The University of Oregon and a Masters in Public Health from The University of Texas. He has been a tenured full professor at the University of Hawaii, and has also served as Associate Dean for Research in that setting. He also has hospital work experience, training in Health Psychology, and has fostered young adults from troubled homes in several countries.