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On the 3rd August 2014, ISIS attacked the Region of Sinjar in Northern Iraq. This area was home to the Yezidi people; a distinct ethnic group. There had previously been 74 Genocide attempts on the Yezidi people.

During the 11 day attack over 5,000 young girls were taken as sex slaves, 10,000 Yezidis were killed or kidnapped and tens of thousands fled to the mountains leaving everything they owned.

Some Yezidis made their way to Syria, some to Germany, some to Turkey and some to the Dohuk Region of Kurdistan, Iraq. It’s in this region that MedEast is making an impact!


These are some of our Featured Projects

Gula Nissani Safe Home

Construction and operation of a 40-room residential facility to house 30 women, children, and babies surviving ISIS capture/rape.

Aid Distributions

Sustained Winterization, Food, medical, dental, and other programs for relief of Christian and Yezidi IDPs in Seje Village, an ancient village in northern Iraq.

Genocide Evidence Database

A project to accumulate victim files (4,000 so far), interviews with community members, summary of victims by location, ISIS documents found at the scene, mapping of mass grave sites, etc.


Our work, on the ground in Kurdistan, Iraq, continues because of your support. Thank you for being our partner in this fight for peace and restoration.


Dr. Paul Kingery

Dr. Paul Kingery grew up in Oregon USA. He comes from a strong Christian family and attended Bible College in Florida.

In his early twenties, God called Dr. Paul to Africa to work amongst the Zulu tribes. After this time…


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