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Gula Nissani Safe Home

This project consists of the construction and operation of a 40-room residential facility to house 30 women, children, and babies surviving ISIS capture/rape.  It offers a range of mental health, livelihood, legal, social support, sewing, English, sheep wool production, spinning, weaving, traditional handcrafts, and streamlined immigration programs.  This is the only facility in northern Iraq where a Yezidi or other racial minority woman/girl can live with her child/children of ISIS rape.  Now open with the second cohort of survivors beginning September 22, 2018!

Gula Nissani Safe Home

Shoe distribution to villagers

Aid Distributions

We work to provide sustained winterization, food, medical, dental, and other programs for relief of Christian and Yezidi IDPs in Seje Village, an ancient village in northern Iraq.  This project has been ongoing for 4 years already, beginning in August 2014, with funding from various sources, using local youth volunteers.

Genocide Evidence Database

In collaboration with Hussein Hasoon of the Prime Minister’s Office in the Kurdistan Region, this is a project to accumulate victim files (4,000 so far), interviews with community members about atrocities, summary of victims by location (mapping), ISIS documents found at the scene, mapping of mass grave sites, damage to structures and individuals, interviews with incarcerated suspects, and other information. We then cross reference the translated, coded data and add it to a searchable database.

Young Yezidi boy

Books by Dr. Paul Kingery, MedEast Org.

Writing detailed accounts of the Genocide

We aim to write from the perspective of single villages one at a time, following some of the victims through their experience of capture, abuse, escape, and recovery.  Already completed Tel Azer and Mosul, and just finished working on Kocho.  Each account results in a book.

Building a Medical-Dental Clinic Facility

We’re working to build in Seje Village, an ancient Christian village lacking health services in Semel District, Dohuk Province, Kurdistan Region, Iraq.

Medical Clinic Facility

Mountain-side cave

Building a dormitory for former Cubs of the Caliphate

Located in Seje Village, an ancient Christian village, with an expansion of current residential services and programs in woodworking, metalworking, agriculture, shepherding, and building in Semel District, Dohuk Province, Kurdistan Region, Iraq.  The building is being constructed using youths from the Yezidi and Christian IDP community of Seje.  They have already finished the foundation and a 3 kilometer trail up the mountain to a large cave, learned fluent English, and started learning Computing as well, each with his own laptop.

Accessing Opportunities to Visit Abroad

Using programs such as the US State Department’s Iraqi Youth Leadership Exchange Program (4 Youths already assisted), and programs in Germany, Austria, and Finland.

Building a Network

We’re building a network for Referring Yezidi and Turkomen Women/Girls in Mosul, Baghdad, and Syria to participate in streamlined immigration to Germany.  Mothers who were forced to give up their ISIS babies in Syria and Mosul, Iraq are seeking to recover them and to relocate abroad, with GIZ.

Previous Founding Work in Iraq

of American University Dohuk during the 7 month start-up phase, as full professor, and establishing the English Language Institute, Dohuk, Iraq.

of Rwanga Charitable Organization, operated by Edris Barzani, son of PM Nechirvan Barzani, in the first months of start-up, Erbil, Iraq.

Founder of the Kingery Institute for Language and Computing, Ankawa District, Erbil, 10 years in operation, receiving a subcontract for instruction of female IDPs from the US Consulate in Erbil.

Consultant for the United Nations Development Program, Board for Refugees and Humanitarian Assistance, Dohuk, Iraq, meeting all UN players and relevant KRG Directors to plan for 2017 aid efforts in Dohuk Province.

for such organizations as Genocide Research Organization, MedAir, PCCR, Hands of Hope, International Negotiation Institute, Warvin Foundation for Women’s Issues, Women’s Rehabilitation Organization, Women’s Empowerment Organization, Kurdistan Human Rights Watch, Soran Association for Care of the Handicapped, Thalassemia Association, and other Iraqi NGOs.  Some began under the umbrella of MedEast, while others received assistance in grant writing and project management.


Our work, on the ground in Kurdistan, Iraq, continues because of your support. Thank you for being our partner in this fight for peace and restoration.