Happy Kids Success

The Word of Life Church in Sweden sent 15 volunteers to Iraq in November 2018 to bring joy to more than 15o young Yezidi children displaced from their remote Sinjar homes and living in hovels in Seje Village near Dohuk.  Morning and afternoon sessions were conducted for 3 days.  The faces of children were painted, they played many games, they learned important life lessons, and they received bananas and cashews for their snacks.  The joy on their faces was all we needed to know the project was a great success.  Thanks to all those who came to Iraq to give of their lives and resources to help these precious suffering little children.  Thanks to Gula Nissani Safe Home Director Anette Axelsson, who was for a long time working with children from the Middle East in Word of Life Church, for arranging and directing their work.

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